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Conkwest, Inc.

CONKWEST December 2014 Tombstone CONKWEST April 2014 Tombstone

Conkwest is an innovative life sciences company that is developing and commercializing a robust product pipeline for the treatment of cancers and viral infections. Our products are based on the proprietary cancer-killing cell line Neukoplast (also known as NK-92) – the only cell line that can be commercialized as a direct, scalable, off-the-shelf cancer-killing product. Neukoplast, an unparalleled line of natural killer cells, directly attacks and kills abnormal cells on contact. Unlike other immunotherapies, Neukoplast does not require an intact immune system to effect killing of diseased cells in the body. It has demonstrated broad anti-cancer activity both in-vitro and in clinical trials while sparing patients from debilitating adverse reactions commonly seen with traditional chemotherapies. Phase I trials have been completed at RUSH University and Frankfurt AM Main and preparations for a US phase II trial in merkel cell carcinoma are currently underway. Conkwest has entered into licensing agreements with both public and private biotechnology companies, with many more anticipated, for the use of our products in the development and manufacture of monoclonal antibody therapeutic agents.