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Keyware Technologies, NV


Keyware Technologies nv/sa was founded in 1996 and went public in June 2000 (EURONEXT Brussels : KEYW).

Headquartered in Brussels, Keyware is a provider of Value Added Transaction Processing Services, with products and applications in the field of electronic payment, customer loyalty, e-identity, transaction processing and multi-application payment terminals.


Mission Statement
Keyware’s mission is to become a leading provider of Value Added Transaction Processing Services.

Keyware’s award-winning applications and services are sold through a network of Certified Professional Partners.


1) Payment – Keyware provides an advanced, open and platform-independent electronic payment solution for use in e-cash, debit (pay now), credit (pay later) or e-purse (pay before) applications. Keyware’s payment solution can be combined with customer loyalty functions whereby loyalty points can be transformed into e-cash.


2) Loyalty – Keyware’s loyalty application brings innovative software and advanced services for multi-partner Customer Loyalty programs. Keyware provides a flexible, open and modular electronic card solution for today’s most demanding loyalty challenges. Even within multi-partner/multi-level loyalty programs, loyalty managers can develop or adapt their specific loyalty schemes whenever they choose.


3) Identity – Keyware’s identity application is a ground-breaking platform for electronic identification solutions. Based on advanced smart card technology, it can be used in private network environments and public identification applications (identity cards, drivers licenses, passports, …).


4) Terminals – Keyware distributes and customises a broad range of payment terminals, from traditional BC/MC devices to wireless solutions. In addition to multi-application terminals, Keyware also offers terminals for specific applications such as SIS-card readers, loyalty terminals, etc. Keyware strives for the highest quality at the lowest prices, and time and again succeeds in offering the best alternative due to its excellent relations with globally operating hardware producers.


5) Transaction Processing – Transaction processing plays the central role in Keyware’s range of services. Keyware’s transaction department can process both data from electronic payment transactions, loyalty transactions or e-Identity related transactions. Keyware has over 10 years of experience with transaction management in the area of e-payments, loyalty cards and e-tickets.