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Levon Resources Ltd.

Levon Tombstone

Our goal is to build Levon Resources into a mid-tier exploration company with economic mineral resources. We are debt-free and well-funded with more than $40M in the treasury.

Levon is focused on silver because management believes silver prices will soon return to a long-term, unprecedented bull market. Here’s why:

  1. Increasing demand in both the industrial and investment sectors
  2. A high gold/silver ratio-currently at 60:1
  3. A growing stream of new uses for silver
  4. Financial uncertainty, particularly in Europe

We have chosen to focus on Mexico because we believe it’s the best place in the world for mineral exploration and mining. Financial stability, a booming economy, efficient and modern infrastructure and highly skilled mining labor represent just a few of the reasons we operate in Mexico.

Our team consists of successful mine-builders, geologists and financiers. Collectively we have over 150 years’ experience in the industry with particular knowledge of operating in Mexico.