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Maple Financial Group, Inc.

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Maple Financial Alternative Investments provides perspectives on wealth management not available from traditional financial advisors. Drawing on Maple’s expertise in market neutral investment strategies since 1986, Maple Financial Alternative Investments designs innovative investment vehicles seeking to provide attractive returns with low risk, and an opportunity to diversify from equity and bond markets.

Maple Financial Alternative Investments has a unique set of skills gained over many years of successful experience in the global financial markets. Disciplined risk management, proprietary trading models, innovative structured financings – one or more of these and many other skills can be combined to create investment vehicles that meet the specific needs of investors such as institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

Maple Financial Alternative Investments has developed and manages a highly focused fund of market-neutral hedge funds that uses Maple Financial’s experience in risk management and arbitrage trading to aid in the selection and monitoring of a diversified portfolio of market-neutral investment strategies. The resulting fund is a true alternative asset class that is not only ideal for portfolio diversification but also exhibits many of the qualities needed by sophisticated investors – low correlations, stable and absolute returns and capital preservation.