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mPhase Technologies, Inc.

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mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL.OB) is a cutting-edge technology development company. Recently, its efforts have focused primarily on the application of nanotechnology and microfluidics to improve battery performance. As the result of several mPhase breakthroughs, the company, through its wholly owned subsidiary AlwaysReady, Inc., is developing its Smart NanoBattery – a reserve lithium battery designed for portable electronics. This patented technology marks a significant advancement in the storage and management of energy. AlwaysReady has discovered a new way to separate the liquid electrolyte from the solid electrodes to keep the battery fully charged until the user “activates” the battery – allowing it to be stored for decades without losing energy. The Smart NanoBattery is redefining power management, giving users Power on CommandTM.


The Smart NanoBattery is the first reserve lithium battery with virtually infinite shelf life, automatic, manual or remote activation, and with the size and versatility to meet the needs of the emerging portable electronics industry. Its design offers environmentally friendly options and its long-term storage capabilities reduce waste that is often generated from the disposal of traditional batteries that discharge or die prior to use.


mPhase’s patented AlwaysReady Smart NanoBattery first generation product is being developed for emergency equipment and memory backup applications. There are various commercial and military applications that can benefit from the Smart NanoBattery, ranging from unmanned sensors, emergency flashlights and alarms, backup power for cell phones, and medical and health alert devices.


The rapidly emerging field of energy harvesting represents another arena of potential applications for the Smart NanoBattery. This field generally refers to the process of capturing and storing energy. It encompasses a variety of sources such as solar, wind, thermal, or kinetic energy. The development of alternative energy sources is today an area of increasing interest, research, and funding. The Smart NanoBattery has significant potential applications to provide supplemental power to energy harvesting solar or piezoelectric devices when they are not able to provide energy. Since energy harvesting devices such as solar cells depend on external occurrences such as a sunny day, they are not always available when power is needed. Because the Smart NanoBattery offers Power on Command™, it provides a convenient integrated power solution, where multiple power sources can work together, building on each of their technical strengths.


mPhase is a publicly-traded company on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board trading under ticker symbol XDSL and is headquartered in Little Falls, New Jersey, with additional offices in Norwalk, Connecticut and New York, New York.