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Pershing Gold Corporation

 Pershing Gold

Pershing Gold Corporation (PGC) is a newly formed gold exploration and development company uniquely positioned to create shareholder value by capitalizing upon the record-high gold price, a near-term opportunity to put the Relief Canyon Mine back into production, opportunities to acquire exciting gold exploration properties with exceptional gold discovery opportunities in an under-explored part of Nevada – Pershing County.

PGC’s business model is to build a portfolio of properties strategically located in Pershing County, Nevada. This under-explored portion of northern Nevada holds much promise for discovering new mineral deposits. Our anchor property in Pershing County is the Relief Canyon Gold Mine, a 1980s-vintage gold mine located in a significant gold and silver trend. In order to achieve our objectives, we are currently:

  • Drilling at Relief Canyon to confirm, expand, and upgrade the gold resource in order to resume mining;
  • Making strategic acquisitions of mineral targets in the vicinity of the Relief Canyon Mine that will allow PGC to control a significant portion of the Pershing Gold and Silver Trend.