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Towerstream Corp.

 towerstream  towerstream

One of the leading fixed-wireless broadband providers in the US , Towerstream offers dense coverage of New York City , Los Angeles , Chicago , and the Greater Boston, San Francisco/Oakland and RI areas. Towerstream are continually expanding coverage throughout the country. Since Towerstream own their entire network, Towerstream are not beholden to the phone company. This means your business gets much lower costs and fast installation times.


Towerstream is about freedom. Freedom from The Phone Company. Freedom to choose advanced Internet and Phone Service that suits your needs and budget. Freedom to choose Customer Service that is fast, responsive and concerned with your success. Towerstream uses the most advanced Broadband Wireless Technology to provide feature-rich Internet access without the use of fiber, telephone, or cable lines. Towerstream offer advanced digital phone lines that connect to your PBX or provide a virtual PBX. Towerstream offers an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) to insure you receive the highest availability, lowest latency and packet loss on both their network and the last mile. Plus there’s a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!


Fast Service
Since Towerstream are not beholden to The Phone Company, installation typically occurs within 1 week of the order date. With their Rapid Installation Program (RIP), you will be up and running in 48 hours. Their Agreement is only 1 page long, so you can understand it easily. Small and medium-sized businesses can start with TowerStream’s T1 equivalent (1.5 Mbps per second) and increase their bandwidth at any time in 1.0 Mb increments usually without additional installation or equipment charges. Towerstream also offer speeds up to 1,000 Mbps in custom packages.