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Yappn Corp.


Yappn is a groundbreaking, real-time multilingual technology that specializes in converting the true way people communicate and interact in everyday life.

Focused on both syntax and context in language, Yappn helps brands and individuals break down communication barriers among today’s global communities. Thus empowering both consumers and companies to be social, conduct commerce, provide support and communicate freely on multiple digital platforms without a language barrier, this is Yappn’s goal, to provide the best communication resource for everyone to accurately converse on a global scale.

Yappn has achieved this technology breakthrough by creating a proprietary set of algorithms specifically designed to translate the short-burst, colloquial language that consumers use when interacting online – i.e. the true way people interact in everyday life.

These algorithms are customized for companies’ and/or communities’ specific terms and then integrated into their digital platforms (online and mobile branded assets) to seamlessly translate social, customer service and e-commerce content into nearly 70 languages in real-time.