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Corporate Financing Case3

Case Study #3: $550K Financing for Aprecia, Inc. (Private Fraud-Detection Company)


Isidore Sobkowski is a highly successful serial entrepreneur who has founded and successfully built up a number of companies. For example, he founded Professional Help Desk which won the Microsoft “Best Product” Industry Solution Award, and with a run rate in excess of $12M, he successfully sold it to Computer Associates within four years of operation. Before Professional Help Desk, he had developed a technology that has been successfully deployed at the New York Stock Exchange for insider trading surveillance and member firm compliance. After that sale, he returned his attention to fraud detection and over the past two years, he has been the lead industry consultant on cyber-security to the thoroughbred industry´s umbrella organization. He founded Aprecia to address the industry´s articulated and immediate need for cyber security in the areas of wagering fraud and anti-money laundering. Where could he turn to find investors who would invest in his vision? Palladium Capital Group believed in Mr. Sobkowski and raised an initial round of $550,000 in working capital.

“Palladium delivered on every promise with unmatched alacrity and professionalism. We will definitely return to them for our future financing needs.”

Isidore Sobkowski, Chief Executive Officer, Aprecia, Inc.
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