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Palladium Ranked in Top Ten Most Active Placement Agents in USA

Jun. 1, 2007:

Palladium Capital Advisors, LLC has been listed as the most active PIPE placement agent in the USA with transactions averaging under $10 million, as well as one of the top ten most active PIPE placement agents overall in the USA, according to Sagient Research’s PlacementTracker League Tables 2007 YTD as of June 1, 2007. Palladium’s CEO, Joel Padowitz, commented, “We are passionate about becoming the premier investment bank for emerging growth public companies seeking financing in amounts under $10 million. We take this mid-year ranking as a strong indication that our growing team of seasoned bankers are bringing real value to emerging growth firms. I’m proud of our team and am confident that the Street – and the league tables – will be seeing a lot more of Palladium Capital Advisors in the future.”

Top 25 Agents By Number of Deals – 2007 YTD (as of June 1, 2007)
(All PIPEs Excluding Structured Equity Lines and Canadian Companies)
Rank Agent Name
Deals Amount Raised
1 Rodman & Renshaw, LLC 23 $423,446,847
2 Roth Capital Partners, LLC 12 $149,929,994
3 Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. 9 $189,332,607
4 Piper Jaffray & Co. 8 $154,785,634
5 UBS Investment Bank 7 $1,649,096,823
6 Jefferies & Company, Inc. 7 $472,767,554
7 Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC 6 $1,447,601,674
8 Lazard 6 $143,054,904
9 Palladium Capital Advisors, LLC 6 $28,737,841
10 Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. 5 $838,959,872

PlacementTracker is “a dynamic, customizable research service that provides clients with market data, research, and analysis on the PIPE market.” The League Tables show the top agents for the number of deals placed for all PIPEs, excluding Structured Equity Lines, 144-A Convertibles, Reg S Placements, and all Canadian companies. In a PIPE deal, a public company issues unregistered equity-linked securities to a group of qualified investors at a discount to the current market value of the stock, for the purpose of raising capital.