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Palladium Capital Advisors Exclusive Agent for Conkwest Inc. $7,500,000 Equity Raise

Apr. 24, 2014:

CONKWEST April 2014 TombstoneNew York, NY– ( April 24, 2014) – Palladium Capital Advisors, LLC proudly announced today that it acted as exclusive placement agent for its long-term client, Conkwest Inc., in its $7,500,000 equity raise.


Conkwest, Inc. is an innovative life sciences company developing and commercializing a revolutionary immunotherapeutic platform for the treatment of cancers and debilitating infections. Its lead product, NeukoplastTM has already demonstrated safety and anti-cancer potency in phase I trials and research studies. Conkwest’s pipeline is based on its proprietary NK-92 cell-line, which kills cancer and cancer stem cells on contact, and also provides a cancer-vaccine effect. NK-92 is currently the only natural killer cell-line that is widely used as a commercial testing tool by global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and is ideally suited as a therapeutic.


Proof of the value of Conkwest’s intellectual property can be seen in its more than 30 licensing agreements with industry leaders such as Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amgen, Abbott, and Teva. Conkwest owns the intellectual property underpinning the NK-92 cell-line and the corresponding U.S. and foreign patents and patent applications covering the clinical application of NK-92 in treating cancers, the optimized transport of NK-92 preparations, and enhanced variants that produce an activating cytokine. Conkwest is also the exclusive worldwide licensee of the CD16 expressing NK-92 cell-lines and the corresponding U.S. and foreign patents including patent applications covering the clinical application of NK-92 in treating cancers and as a diagnostic testing tool.


To learn more about Conkwest, go to www.Conkwest.com