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Palladium Capital Group Cautions Against Fraudulent Websites: PalladiumCapital.org & PalladiumCapital.net

Apr. 1, 2021:

Palladium Capital Group has learned that fraudsters have set up the fake website www.PalladiumCapital.org and are posing as our firm. They had previously set up www.PalladiumCapital.net, though as of the date above, that website has been taken down after we reported it to the various authorities. We will do our reasonable best-efforts to have the new fraudulent site taken down as well.

Please be warned that our firm, the real FINRA-member SEC-approved broker-dealer, simply does not have customer accounts and would never solicit persons to open a trading account or wire us money.

We regret we find ourselves in the position of being impersonated and have notified the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies of the imposter website.