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Palladium Capital Group brokers sale of Live Objects intellectual property assets to Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO)

May. 26, 2021:

NEW YORK, NY – May 26, 2021, Palladium Capital Group, LLC (“Palladium”) announced today that it served as exclusive placement agent to Live Objects in the sale of its intellectual property assets to Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO), a business process platform that uses AI to help companies understand, visualize and optimize complex business processes spanning across systems.

Palladium CEO, Joel Padowitz, commented, “The credit here goes to Yusuf Bashir, the newest member of our investment banking team, who specializes in enterprise software solutions. It’s a privilege to work with extraordinary firms the likes of Zuora, and it’s a pleasure to have a complex transaction like this one shepherded by someone as competent as Yusuf.”

It’s a move pitched by Zuora CEO, Tien Tzuo, as a “tuck-in technology” addition to the firm’s wider platform strategy. He said:

Over half our customers are automating and simplifying their IT processes with our platform workflows. We processed over eight million invoices on the peak day this quarter across our platform. And last quarter, approximately half-a-billion workflow tasks were executed, saving our customers time and money. And this is where the acquisition of Live Objects, intellectual property assets come in.

What the Live Objects team has built is an AI-driven process engine that we believe will allow our customers in the central platform to visualize the processes that are behind the awesome subscriber experiences that they are designing. To discover and map new hidden processes, including the ones that span multiple systems like CRM, ERP, or other fulfillment provision systems, will allow them to detect anomalies in these processes when they meet the customer dissatisfaction or inefficiencies. 

We all know that customer expectations continue to rise, call it the Amazon Instacart effect. Those companies that offer the best subscriber experiences are the ones who will win. The central platform, including the new capabilities that the Live Objects acquisition gives us, is what enables our customers to deliver those differentiated subscriber experiences.

For more information see: https://investor.zuora.com/financial-news/press-release-details/2021/Zuora-Reports-First-Quarter-Fiscal-2022-Results/default.aspx